Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My (first) experiences with the X-Pro2 (part 3)

Time passes by and it feels strange to get used to a new gadget so quick. That feeling of excitement is nearly gone and the new camera just another camera. Don't get me wrong. It still feels great to own a high quality product that feels good my hands, but this "wow, something new!" is fading.

And the results? The X-PRO2 still does the job and delivers a great image quality, paired with a fast and reliable auto-focus. The ability to download photos via a wireless connection feels great, because you love this feature when you travel (for reviewing photos on your smartphone or tablet when you're back in the hotel) or want to send a photo immediately to someone you just photographed. Nothing new when you already own a X100t or X-T1, but when you mostly worked with an X-PRO1 you will love it!

My only concern is the auto ISO handling of this camera. In my first article I was happy to find profiles that allow you to store (only) three different presets that allow you to switch with a function key, but why is there no profile for each lens or the ability to use the front wheel to change the max shutter speed or the profile on the fly by pressing it down. I don't need this wheel tied to the exposure compensation dial "C" option. When you work with different focal lengths in different situations (travel or wedding photography) this will come in handy. Maybe Fuji is reading this article and think about improving it. There is so much room for more intelligent features to help photographers to reduce the time they spend lost in the menu-system.

I think nearly everything about this camera is said on the web. I think it is a great tool that feels solid and professional. Is it the perfect camera? I don't know, because the is no perfection in this universe and I don't want something to be perfect. I just want to go outside and take some photos for my (and maybe your) personal enjoyment. Nothing more. This piece to technology can make this happen and Fuji did it with style and quality. I don't want to recommend something to you. If you are interested in this camera you should go to your next camera dealer and touch it with your own hands. Maybe you can meet someone who already owns this camera, this is the great thing about social media. Then you can find out if it is the right choice for you.

And if you don't need an up-to-date fast auto focus and more pixel-count then buy an X-PRO1 for just 490 Euros with two lenses included, because it also takes great photos like most cameras do.



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