Thursday, 16 June 2016

All you need is a camera and a smartphone

After a little defragmentation of my desk at work I found an old USB card reader in a drawer. I remembered that I also own an USB connector for my Samsung Note 3. Most of the time my X100s is always with me. But this camera has no wireless transfer. So I decided to use my time on public transport to edit photos on the fly.

And this was the first time I had this clicking noise in my head after I edited my first photo with snapseed on the fly sitting in the train on my way home from work. The results were awesome and it is so much fun to add some contrast and highlights to your photos instead of checking twitter and wasting time without creating something. And don't forget that your phone is also a quick and powerful camera in your pocket always ready to capture great photos.

I started to play around and create a visual diary that is more based on a quick and dirty workflow than sitting in front of an illuminated big screen at home trying to master lightroom. I experienced that DIY feeling again and enjoy it so much. It was just too simple and hidden away in front of my eyes ;-)

Sometimes we need to stop by and look at all the great possibilities we have with modern technology and use them to create things instead of consuming.


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