Thursday, 9 June 2016


I just stumbled upon a review of the XPRO2 by Ken Rockwell. He stated that he was not impressed by the performance and color reproduction of this camera.

Many people are upset by the contents of this review and I can't understand what the problem is. Mr. Rockwell is free to write his opinion about every camera on the market, even when he is (in your eyes) wrong. I also write about things that annoy me without trying to behave like a fanboy. Come is just a photographic tool. Love it or leave it and buy a different camera. There are plenty of options on the market.

Are you satisfied with the resulting photos? Fantastic! Your camera serves your needs. Nothing more to say. Don't take other people's opinions too serious.

Just follow your own feelings and take reviews more as a good feature walkthrough or as an inspiration.

Here are my personal reasons why I sold my whole Nikon rack for a Fuji:

1. the size - there is no need for further explanations.

2. the glass - the high quality glass is one third more expensive than the mid-range lenses I owned in the past, but they perform like that insane expensive (for me as a non freelance) pro lenses you need to buy to get similar results.

3. the firmware - back in the days I tried to contact Nikon because their D70 was lacking an exposure metering for manual lenses. I created a petition with a decent amount of subscribers and I never heard something back from the company. Not a single word. And there were no firmware updates for all the four cameras I owned over the years.

4. manual controls - I don't want to go into the details on this, but it got my from the first day I received my X100.

Just build your own inner checklist. Don't buy a tool because someone said it is great. Try it and the rest will come automatically to you (or not). The image quality of all five to six major brands is outstanding. You can't buy a totally wrong camera today. And if you still own a great camera, then withstand that feelings to buy new stuff and save the money for other great things like Ice cream, Coffee, vacations or bad T-shirts. ;-)



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