Thursday, 7 July 2016

Be a tourist

Do you need to travel far away to be a tourist? I don't think so. I live near Hamburg and I lived in the heart of this city more than ten years ago. I know many people who said that they haven't seen certain districts and places in their hometown. They just stick to their area and don't explore other places for whatever reason. Most of them are doing lots of stuff when they are on vacation. Why? What is the difference? It is so sad to miss a great park or a nice cafe because it is more than two miles away from the district you are living in.

 When I visit my beloved hometown I try to be a tourist and explore different places from north to south and east to west. And trust me, you will discover so many interesting places and it feels like being on vacation. Even the streets in front your flat look different if you switch into tourist mode. For street photography this mode is the best way to be a child again and capture great images.

Just start today and get yourself a tourist guide for your hometown and start to explore the place you life from a different perspective. Go to museums you never visited before (because you thought they were boring) or do a boat trip and try to be get lost between all the other tourists around you and enjoy the feeling of a short vacation. Document what you see and look at the many details and interesting situations that happen in tourist mode.

And don't take photography too serious and play around, otherwise you may miss a good shot over all the technical things.



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