Friday, 5 August 2016


...gonna hate. The internet is a great place to hide and rant. After watching the latest videos from Eric Kim I browsed through the comments and was shocked by the amount of hate people put into some lines of text. They criticized the way he was taking photos in the video and some technical aspects. He must be doing it all wrong.

What is wrong with you guys? If you have something to mention then do it the right way:

"Don´t shove your camera into the subjects face and a wide angle lens will ruin the portrait."

"I saw in your video that you get real close to the subjects face. What are your experiences with wide angle lenses and how do the subjects react to this way of taken portraits?"

Be kind and ask question or make suggestions. What do you expect to happen when you post a hate comment on YouTube? Try to learn something from a living exchange not by offending other people.

It is a sad that such things are even going on in the street photography community.



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