Monday, 19 September 2016

Sport photography with your Fuji X-T1

A lot of people on the web are writing about the new AF performance of the new X-T2 and how good this camera will perform when it comes to fast moving subjects.

Yesterday I had my old trusty Fuji X-T1 hanging around my neck with the Fujinon 55-200 mm attached to it. I love to use this combination when I am out in the wild or - like I did yesterday - at the beach. It gives you a good range from normal to telephoto and helps you to compose your shots under changing conditions when you are for a walk like my wife and I did.

After composing some dense shots like the one above I spotted some kites in the sky and by following the ropes down to the ground I saw some guys with surfboards. Usually I don't do much sport photography, but the setting and the light was perfect.

I dialed in a fast shutter speed and a wide open aperture going into the maximal focal length of 200 mm. I also activated the continuous AF and drive mode to get some material to choose from. I took plenty of shots hoping for the decisive one in the pile of images. I also tried to create some kind of visual storytelling. This helps a lot to get into the mood and gives the viewer some more information around the main activity.

These shots are the result of a quick and dirty fifteen minute session and show how great even the old X-T1 (and the 55-200 zoom) can perform in such conditions.



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