Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Do we need lightroom for all our images?

Lightroom can do a lot for you and it is a professional tool to develop and manage images. Today's cameras have the ability to transfer photos wireless to your smartphone via an app. With my Fuji cameras I use this feature a lot when I am on the go. After the download I use apps like snapseed (you can do a lot of things with this free tool) to tweak the contrast and some other aspects of the image. The colors come from the color profile I attached as I developed the raw file in-camera.

The results are outstanding when it comes to sharpness and color. Most of the time I only had to tweak the contrast or add some warmth to the image. I know that you have more precise options at your calibrated workplace at home...but man, the results are so good, I often prefer to upload them to instagram than the versions from lightroom. This is not a rule of thumbs for all photos. When I do landscape, stills, architecture or portrait photography I prefer to have more possibilities with professional software. But when I do street and travel photography a lot of photos just wander through my smartphone into the web.

I love this way of editing your photos very much. I suggest you to own an android phone with the ability to tweak all display settings (I own a Galaxy Note 3 with a custom rom). That allows you to calibrate the display to match the big screen at home. If your camera doesn't have wifi - like my X100s - then buy a cheap card reader and connect it with your phone (android wins here again) and download the processed photos to the phone.

Trust me. You will be blown away by the good results. The camera manufacturers know how to develop JPGs right and Fuji is an expert when it comes to an outstanding OOC experience. Look out for a nice café and enjoy your pocket size editing studio at the size of your palm.



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