Thursday, 10 November 2016

Do I need the new Fuji XT-2?

A good question that can't be answered in one sentence.

Is this your first Fuji camera?

Then buy it if you have the money. If you don't need the updated auto-focus system and the extra pixels your can also go with the XT-1 or XT-10.

You are coming from the XT-1

There is only the auto-focus and the extra pixels. The higher frame rate and better video can be a game-changer for some people. But the display of the older models is good enough, trust me!

You are looking for a mirror-less for shooting moving subjects (sports etc.)

The new XT-2 is great for you. With the optional battery grip it has more juice for higher frame rates. If you can trust the most reviews out there the performance is good enough for most occasions. If you're a professional sports photographer you still should go with a DSLR. No mirror-less camera can beat this system today.

Do I need the latest camera body from Fuji?

Not really. But this is not the strategy. Photography is about taking great photos and learn about composition and light. You can still create outstanding photos with a forty years old camera and a roll of film. But there is some thing I recommend to spend more money on: lenses. The best camera body in the world is useless without a good piece of glass in front of it. Most of the time it is more useful to invest your money on better lenses and Fuji and Zeiss have some great products in the product portfolio. If you're a landscape photographer you also might spend some money on high class filters or a professional tripod. Don't think that a newer camera body will solve your problems.



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