Wednesday, 21 December 2016

What I expect from a X100F

The "F" stands for "Future" ;-)

As always I want to drop a little list here to share my thoughts about the upcoming new model.

Let us start with the problems I have with my X100s:
  • it is sluggish - a slow camera with a bad auto focus even in bright light
  • no updates - Fuji has done a great job in ignoring the whole X100 line in the last two years

What I expect from the X100F:
  • a fast auto focus like the X70 or XPRO2 that meets the industry standards
  • faster interface and startup time
  • a wheel to change ISO on the fly!
  • maybe a better lens performance at wide open aperture
That´s it. I skipped the X100T to wait for a camera that will meet up with competition in terms of auto focus. When you use this camera with the OVF you need a reliable auto focus in all situations or this thing becomes a bit of a roulette thing. And there is also room for a small front wheel you can put ISO on to change it on the fly. I don't want to dig into menus. This spoils the whole experience with this camera. It would also be nice if there is a way to maximize the battery life of this camera.

I hope that Fuji puts the focus on these improvements. The rest is marketing and personal taste. But a modern camera should have a decent auto focus performance without any compromises.



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