Friday, 20 January 2017

I ordered my X100F

Yesterday I told my Fuji dealer (a real shop! support them!) that they should put me on the list for a black model. I own a X100S and I don't regret the long wait. I started with the X100 back in the days and this camera was just too sluggish and painfully slow. I had the great opportunity to trade it for a X100S that is slightly better with the brilliant Trans-X-sensor. As the X100T came out I was not convinced to buy this camera because the only major things that have changed were the OVF (pip) and the in camera WiFi. Too less for a change.

The implementation of CDAF and PDAF (auto focus methods) in the X100S and X100T was poor, even in bright light they are inaccurate and slow. So I decided to wait for a model that at least keeps up with the XT1. And now the gap is closed and the new X100F supports the same auto focus system like the XPRO2 what is great because I love to use the OVF on my XPRO2 and it works great. The new button placement and the ISO dial are a good evolution of the the product range. I am happy that I skipped the X100T and waited for it's successor to come. It was very obvious that the new one will incorporate the newest features. And Fuji's decision to use the bigger NP-W126 battery in the new model was such a relief. Now everything fits together in a streamlined product line without too much clutter when you go traveling etc.

What are your opinions? Is the new model a step forward? Are you buying it even if you own a X100T? Just let me know in the comments...



PS: If you want to know why I love to shot through the OVF than read this little article.

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