Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We are remixing stuff

What is creativity? Can we do something out of nothing? No. We can only create things based on other things that inspired us. In a modern sense you would say that you remix things. Remember the science fiction stories you read in a book. Fictional stuff about different planets and different species. But if you think a bit deeper you will realize that most of the things are not new. They are just remixed from things we already know. Even electricity and light (flashes) were always there. We just found a way to generate, store and use them in a different way.

With photography it is the same thing. We are just remixing the things we see. We can be inspired by music, literature, nature, paintings and many of the other million influences, but at the end it was already there. You just apply a new angle of view, your personal taste to the whole picture. Sometimes it is good to think about this philosophical side of creativity and realize how important inspiration is for us. It is not important to shot as much photos as you can. It is important make experiences in many different ways to get new ideas that maybe inspire other people to do new things. And at this point you realize that you're new walk alone (a very Buddhist view). It is a collective thing on a giant play field sponsored by nature.

Start sharing things and remix on!



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