Friday, 31 March 2017

Firmware 3.0 for the Fuji XPRO2

Fuji did it again: a massive firmware update has arrived! As an old Nikon shooter I have some inhibitions to criticize Fuji, because I never got new features and bug-fixes through fw-updates from Nikon or Canon back in the days. I had a petition running because my Nikon had no light metering in conjunction with manual lenses back in the days. Even with many subscribers I never received an answer or an update from the manufacturer. Sad but true.

waiting for KaiZen...

So this is why I am happy about a camera manufacturer who is still supporting his customers one or two years after the product was launched. I follow some X-Photographers and they reporting quirks and improvements to Fuji. Sometimes you don't get what you expect when Fuji releases new software, but they are still moving their asses instead of sitting on it.

My thoughts about some features of the new firmware-update that caught my attention

Minimum Shutter Speed
I love the addition of the new "AUTO" setting for the minimum shutter speed when you're in AUTO-ISO mode. Now I have one low light profile up to ISO6400 that is set to this. You can be sure now that the camera will choose a shutter speed that is based on the focal length of the lens you are using. Bear in mind that higher shutter speed are important for moving subjects. This function is not there for putting the photographers brain on full auto-pilot. More information on this here.

Smaller Focus Point
This can be important if you want to be sure to hit the right spot in situations where you need millimeters of accuracy like in macro or portrait photography.

Change of focus frame position while enlarging it
This is a great new feature for photographers working with a tripod. Now you can magnify the whole image step by step without moving the camera. A great addition to check if every detail is in focus etc.

Programmable long exposure of up to 15 minutes
I've used a remote control to archive exposure times longer than 30 seconds. In conjunction with the self-timer this feature helps me to get rid of my remote trigger. I never understood why this option is coming so late to all digital cameras?

What's next? Any wishes?

In late May there will be another fw-update that will allow you to change the function behind the real command dial and some other enhancements (mostly for the xt-2). My wish for a future update is a setting that displays the camera menu always of the back screen (even when it is turned off). Maybe I've missed something but I always have to go through the view modes to get the menu on the rear screen when it is switched off. But for now I have nothing more to complain.

So stay tuned and enjoy shooting.



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