Thursday, 13 April 2017

What you can learn from Momo about time

This article is not about photography in the first place. But you there is something you need to stay fresh and full of new ideas...

You don't know who Momo is? It is figure of a novel with the same name written by Michael Ende (who also wrote the Never Ending Story) in 1979 and it is about time, freedom and seeing the world trough the eyes of a child in times of productivity and too many distractions. Don't forget that we are all children in a different age. Nothing has changed except the responsibilities and the amount of things you know, but you are still a child that wants to play.

take an unproductive break from life

Momo is a little homeless girl that lives in an old amphitheater at the edge of a city. She is very open and often visited by friends because she's got a special talent. But one day the grey men arrive in the city and try to take it over. They only can live by smoking the precious time of the citizens as cigars. To archive that they seduce people to make a career or buy useless things. The people around Momo don't have any more time to see her because they are too busy with their new job etc.

Are you curious how the story ends? Buy the book and find it out for yourself. I think this novel is one of the most important books that should be in your bookshelf beside books from Seneca, Platon, Orwell, Huxley and other philosophers and writers. It carries out an important message: memento mori. One day you will die. So what can you do to live your life to the fullest without too much regrets? Don't forget that the grey men in the book are standing for our modern society with all that useless distractions, things and too much work.

So many distractions

Is the sand of time running trough your fingers and you don't have enough of it to do things like photography, visiting friends or a museum or just putting your legs on the sofa and listen to a good record? Ask yourself if your life is meaningful and feels right. I don't want you to quit your job tomorrow and start a new life, but think about the little things you can do every day. Are you working too long? What are you doing after work? I love to go out and take some photos and then meeting my wife for a walk, having a nice coffee or visiting other places like a museum.

Are you watching too much television? That is not very productive. You are following things other people have completely made up for you (despite the fact that television is about selling things all the time). You can smell the smoke of your time burning as a cigar in the mouth of the grey. Think about what you can do with one or two extra hours every day without television. You could print your photos and hang them to a wall or do your own little magazine like I did. But without any free time you can't do all of that and don't forget that good inspirations mostly happen out of office. So working less helps in getting new and fresh ideas.

Stand up now and watch yourself in a mirror. Are you living your life to the fullest? What can you do on an ordinary day to make it less ordinary?



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