Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Are you looking for perfection?

Than let me tell you a little story about Kraftwerk (the German band). I saw a documentary about electronic music back in the days. They talked about how mechanic and lifeless music from a sequencer sounded until bands like Kraftwerk used systems to add some random delay to the perfection to make the whole thing sound more life like. Can you tell me why we degrade the information of an image by raising the contrast, convert it to black and white or adding grain to it?

Maybe we are doing it because life is not what we would file under perfection. But the circle of life is perfectly imperfect. An example: there are thousands of beautiful sunflowers where you can find the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers in every detail of every flower, but they don't look the same. Even in a field full of sunflowers you won't find two flowers who exactly like each other. Not one. (Or think of the ice crystals to make it more spooky).

So what are you looking for in photography? Perfection? You will never reach perfection. This what we are all made of. We are all curious children who want to play and discover. Perfection would be the death of everything, a grinding halt, because there is nothing to reach for if everything is perfect. You get utterly bored in a world where nothing new will happen. It would also be the death of arts.

Celebrate you imperfectness today and enjoy a world that surprises you every second (even in a bad way), because there is so much discover. Ask yourself if you really need too much gadgets and try to spoil your own habits by doing your things slightly different. If the outcome of your works looks different from what you have expected than ask yourself what you can learn from it. Many discoveries where made by accident. Go with the flow and let joy and curiosity lead you trough an perfect imperfect universe.



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