Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Final thoughts on the X100F and the XPRO2 after using them for a longer time

After selling my X-T1 and X100S I bought the XPRO2 and the X100F to work with them in different situations. I love the form factor and the OVF of the XPRO2 and the size and the silent operation of the X100F. With this lineup I can choose the right cam for nearly every situation (I am not a sports photographer).

This can happen when you go for a nice reflection-shot (35mm f1.4/XPRO2)

How are my feelings after using the XPRO2 for one year and the X100F for three months now? I know that there is no tool in this world that will serve all your needs without a little drop of bitterness. Perfection is a lie and I don't expect a camera (and anything else in life) to be perfect. So I try to be fair and only write about things without falling into that ranting scheme that is all around the web.


I love the size and the possibility to use the OVF that allows me to see what is coming into frame. I can also use the 18mm with zone focusing to concentrate on the decisive moment instead of getting spammed with too much information on an artificial screen output. Just frame and shoot. I also appreciate the newly designed SD card compartment that holds two cards now. The weather sealing is also a good thing and Fuji should apply this to their whole line of cameras and lenses to leave no doubt and close the gaps(!). I am still shooting mostly with my beloved 35 f1.4 and the 60 f2.4 because these lenses are fast enough and guarantee a superb image quality. I wouldn't buy the 35 f2 now to save just a centimeters of lens profile and some grams of weight (and a faster auto focus).

Need a great wide angle lens? The Zeiss 12mm f2.8 is your companion.
I still like the controls on the camera and only the diopter-wheel is not so well placed for my taste. You can set by accident when your camera is hanging at waits level. A bit of black tape can fix that but this is not that great. Overall I can say that this camera still performs well and feels good in my hands. It is not for everyone but there are alternatives like the X-T1 or a different brand. I am not a fanboy who tells you that Fuji is the best camera manufacturer in the world.


I had some misfortune from the beginning. After using the camera for about three weeks the AF mode selector was broken not allowing me to switch to AF-S. After sending the camera in for repair it had a new problem with the silver battery that helps the camera keeping it's settings and I had to sent it in again for repair. Luckily they exchanged the camera for a brand new one without any of this problems (keep my fingers crossed). I hope that Fuji doesn't have too much problems with quality in this product line. That was my first bad experience after using Fuji cameras for more than four years now.

That Ektar film look was achieved by using a de-saturated Astia profile
How are my experiences with this camera? Coming from the X100S it was a huge difference getting build in WiFi, better EVF, better sensor and faster response times. The only thing that is left behind is the auto focus. It is fast compared with my old X100S and it is still slow compared to other cameras on the market. It is fast enough for me but Fuji can do better. The lens resolution holds up to the new sensor and it is still a joy to have a camera with a leaf shutter that hardly can't be heard by anyone even at a silenced monastery. Fuji's decision to use the same battery as the bigger models was a good one. It reduces clutter and provides more juice for the new thirsty sensor. But the battery compartment door is still a joke. It opens itself when you grab your camera out of your bag which can be fixed with a half case, but I shouldn't be that way. It is still one of the the few design fails that do not fit to a camera that is so well made.

The new button layout that is also streamlined with the the other models is also a great thing. Everything makes sense now and you can assign your favorite functions to wheels, functions keys and buttons. I put my AUTO ISO profiles on the front lever button and it works great. The menu system is okay and not that important for me. How often are you digging into menus? Not that much. So for me it is not that crucial.


I will work with Fuji cameras in the future. Fuji is still listening to their customers (look at the latest firmware updates) and iterates instead of changing too much. They throw new quality glass on the market year by year and the community behind this brand is also nice and more focused on taking photos. So if Fuji listens to their customers in the future and get rid of that minor obvious quirks you find on their actual models they will still be my first choice.

What are your experiences with Fuji cameras? Are you as satisfied as me? Just tell me in the comments below.




  1. Love my xpro2. Two things that bother me. No panoramic option on a 1,700 camera? Diopter moves to easily, as I wear glasses. Otherwise I'm smitten. ��

    1. The diopter thing is truly annoying. I use Lightroom for creating panoramas. LR creates a dng with all the headroom and possibilities of the original raw file.

  2. I also have both the XPro2 and the X100F and love them both. For me they are the perfect two camera lineup now, I can configure the buttons almost equal on both cameras which is a very good thing because I keep changing between them. Also having just one battery type is ideal.

    As for panoramas I use the X100F which has that function as well as an intervalometer. XPro2 should have those functions too though (I don´t remember if the intervalometer is also absent)... maybe in the next firmware update.

    I got an hand grip for both cameras and the TCL-X100 converter for the X100F. This makes the X100F a very versatile camera for everyday (35mm and 50mm equiv options) and the XPro2 is for more serious photography related things.

    Love them both really, the Hybrid viewfinder has me addicted.

    Only two gripes with X100F:
    - the diopter adjustment is an entrance for dust into the viewfinder :(
    - it shoud have a button for flash because with leaf shutter using flash during the day is very common for me (I also have and use the EF-X20 mini flash from fuji on X100F and love it).

  3. So Fuji should be able to make a little list of changes (hard/software) for current and future models. The X100F is also the quiet unobtrusive wonder (as mentioned in the article) you can nearly take everywhere. I hope they will make it WR in the next iteration. That will also satisfy a lot of documentary photographers.

    Is it not possible to assign a function button to the flash function?

    1. Hi :)

      yes, it´s possible and I assigned it to the AEL/AFL button which is also customizable, but I am always undecided if that button should give me Flash control or the Face/Eye detection...

      All the other buttons I have assigned functions almost equal to XPro2 like Film Simulation, ND Filter (in XPro2 this is the guides on the viewfinder), AutoISO selection, AF mode, Photometry, Flash (or Face Eye Detection) and Focus Check.

    2. I always put ISO on the front lever-button ;-)

      You can assign the flash mode to the down-button of the nav-keys that has a good location. I assigned AE lock and AF lock to left and down. You can also assign the function to the wheel-press. Love the many options you have with the keys.