Saturday, 27 June 2020

A new addition! Not a Fuji!

Yes, it's a Ricoh GR III and not another Fuji camera. Why? After buying the GFX 50R I needed a small and lightweight camera that travels with me all the time.

After a longer research I found a used Ricoh GR III with the optical viewfinder in a well known camera store in Hamburg and decided to give it a trial period.

When your are coming from a Fuji camera you need some time to get into the menu system and the design philosophy of this brand. After setting it up for the streets I started to make my first experiences with this new tool.

Note: this article is not about the image quality or pixel peeping. There are tons of blogs doing this kind of stuff very good. For me it is the ease of use and the handiness that counts. It will post some images here in the future and tell you my opinion about this camera.

Some images I took with it recently:

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