Thursday, 17 March 2016

Be inconsistent in photography

There are many photographers who always shot black and white or use a certain type of film all the time. There is nothing wrong with that, but I am not the type of guy who likes that kind of limits. Life is too colorful to only shot in black and white (for example). I wrote an article about that some time ago. Why shouldn't you use all the possibilities of modern photography to achieve great results?

And I don't try to be a street, travel or architecture photographer all the time. There are too many things around us that have nothing to do with these topics, but are worth to be photographed. Lear how to see things and how to pay attention to the details (read this fantastic article written by Eric Kim).

So don't limit yourself in terms of the subject or the settings of your camera. And don't try to copy a certain look or follow any rules (the internet is full of so called rules). Just play around with your camera and be a child again. Learn how to appreciate the process of taking photos as much as you appreciate the results. Maybe there is a need for consistency when you shoot a series of photos for a reportage or portraits, but there is no need to put any constraint on the whole thing. Life does not work that way. Life is different, colorful and full of surprises and photography can reflect that if you use the full potential of the equipment you have with you.



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