Thursday, 9 February 2017

I need the new X100F because of the improved image quality

Despite the fact that the bigger sensor delivers more pixels for larger prints and higher ISO with less noise, there is no real noticeable improvement in image quality in most occasions. Who will pixel-peep at 100% into every photo? It is the overall look to the photos that does the magic. And this magic is still there since the x-trans-sensor was introduced to the photographic world.

I was recently invited to a birthday party that was celebrated in a billiard pub and I took my X100S with me to capture some photos of this event. This small and quiet photographic tool helped me a lot to be invisible most of the time. Back at my mac (nice rhyme) I took the raw photos and applied my black and white tone curve to them. And after turning off any noise reduction I saw the magic in front of my eyes: the sensor noise looks so organic! It looks like an grainy high ISO black and white film. There is no need to reduce that kind of noise. You want it. Trust me!

But how about color photography? Let me show you this photo I took last week. The sun was low and the light was warm in the background. The contrast was high and the old Fuji sensor of my X100S handled it like a boss. Back at the desk I just boosted the shadows and added a vignette to lead the viewers eyes to the warm center of the image. The camera did an awesome job in preserving the details and colors in this image.

So do you need the X100F to take better photos? No. I've ordered the new model to have WiFi and a better auto-focus system on board. I skipped the X100T because it wasn't such an improvement compared to it's predecessor and I knew that a major update in sensor technology would happen after the X-PRO2 was announced. If you are satisfied with your X100S there is no need for an upgrade. It is still a camera that delivers awesome results. Maybe you spend the money on a nice vacation instead!



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